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Part 1 install Elasticsearch 6 0 cluster with logstash for centralized syslog

Step.1 check to ip address for connect to ssh

  Step.2 Install java and apply evn

  Step.3 Elasticsearch Install  

  Step.4 Add to service base  

  Step.5 Configuration for Elasticsearch

  you need to enable parameter below list  

  add to host and IP

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Graylog 2.3.x How to install on Centos7 with Syslog input

Graylog 2.3.x How to install on Centos7 with Syslog input   Java 8 JDK Install

  MongoDB Install make file for mongodb repo


install mongodb

  ElasticSearch Install make file for elasticsearch repo


install elasticsearch

edit elasticsearch configuration file

  Graylog Install make file for

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Install Guide [Database for WHORU Syslog, Webserver]

You just fellow next step. 1. Must take and install mssql express 2014 ( http://msdn.microsoft.com/ko-kr/evalcenter/dn434042.aspx express edition limit size, so i recommend more high version) 2. When install finish you create mssql account. here we offer to sql script. red text you must change(alert: you need to check a sql server logon by server authentication)! USE

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Install Guide [WHORU syslog]

Before you setup WHORU Webserver, You have to install mssql read to this post   Frist Firewall open port udp 514, Then run to WHORU of service. Basic setup default need to db and syslog ip in whoru.ini [Syslog] IP=ANY Port=514 [DB]<– setting to website use db information IP= User=esm Pass=P@ssw0rd   Notice use to hipchat.

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